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The news sections will show updates and changes made to the dedicated mobile version of the Darts501 website. New articles can be found on the main website

August 2023 had an overhaul in 2020. The decision was made to keep a mini dedicated version of the website. Although the main website is mobile-friendly, the .mobi version has always had a loyal following as it still holds many of the FAQs within the sport we love.

The original .mobi version was written before industry browser standards accepting ‘bootstrap’ websites that transform to the viewing device you are using. In 2012, only some browsers accepted this type of transition. Hence the mobile version was written in old html code and designed for an iPhone 4 or equivalent. Today mobile phone screen sizes can vary a lot, and some now fall into the Phablet size. Hopefully, this revised version will help fit more of the wide range of screen sizes a little better. But don’t forget, is just a small part of the much bigger hence to say if you landed here first, please take a look around and then head over to the more comprehensive website

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The latest news articles can be viewed on the main Darts501 website. Calendar details are updated periodically, align with the main website, are published as a guide, and are correct at the time of publication. But due to changes that can occur without our knowledge, please refer to the dart event organisers in all cases. News Section




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