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The was first introduced before the availability of a stable release of Bootstrap technology. The Bootstrap technology is now recognised by all major browsers and will display websites written in this format the best viewpoint for mobile devices.  In this revised version, is using the latest Bootstrap. Therefore display on your mobile should now work better than before.

The Darts501 mobile version is a cut-down version of the much bigger website, yet it still features the everyday search items dart fans request. If you are looking for more information about the sport of darts, please visit the main website.

The main website is also based on Bootstrap technology, so should work fine on most mobile devices, including iPads and Tablets. If, however, you are looking for the best viewing experience for a smart mobile phone, then this cut-down version might be best for you.

The redesign reflects that this version still receives a lot of traffic and is a thank you to my visitors.

Lasted update 09/05/2024

Darts Resource


Darts resource

Dartboard Setup


Dartboard Setup

Dart Games


Dart Games

Improve your game


Improve your game

Dart Leg Scorer


Darts leg scorer

Darts and Dartboard Maintenace


Maintain your darts

Players Walk-on Music


Players Walk-on

Players Nicknames


Players Nicknames



Video Clip Links

Dart Champions


Dart Champions

Darts News Feed


News Feed

Darts Events

2024 Events

Darts calendars


What additions are on the Main website? is a cut down version of the much larger mobile-friendly website.
The smart mobile phones industry and their use to search the world wide web surged in the last decade. However, what else can you find on the main website that doesn’t feature here?

The main website has gone through several significant changes since it was first conceived in 2004. The site has grown into a massive darts resource website. The design and function have also changed to reflect mobile usage. Here are just a few of the additional features that are on that can not feature on

  • UK Regional Dartboards
  • Darts Equipment
  • Tournament Draw Sheets
  • Checkout Charts in 48 Languages
  • Increased history section
  • Dartball
  • World Records
  • Dartitis
  • Quick Translation
  • More games
  • BICC Event Listings
  • Darts and Maths
  • Dart Barrels / Flights / Stems
  • Royals on the Oche
  • World War II MI9 Dartboard
  • Dart Champions
  • Dartchery
  • Bullseye Gameshow


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